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Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.- (C) Universal

About Steve Jobs

Artist : Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Sarah Snook, Katherine Waterston
As : Steve Jobs, Joanna Hoffman, Steve Wozniak, John Sculley, Andrea Cunningham, Chrisann Brennan
Title : Watch Steve Jobs Premium FULL Gratis
Release date : 2015-10-09
Movie Code : 2080374
Duration : 122
Category : Biography, Drama

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Screen Of Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

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Comment For Steve Jobs Volledige Film In English Ondertitels

Rafer Guzman Comment Steve JobsName : Rafer Guzman / Alias : Newsday
A whirlwind tour through the computer age with a flawed human at its center.
Michael Phillips Comment Steve JobsName : Michael Phillips / Alias : Chicago Tribune
The movie, a formidable technical and design achievement, has everything going for it except a sense of Jobs' inner life.
Richard Roeper Comment Steve JobsName : Richard Roeper / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
Michael Fassbender will be in every best actor conversation from now until Oscar night (and deservedly so) for his mesmerizing turn as the legendary and legendarily difficult visionary Jobs.
James Berardinelli Comment Steve JobsName : James Berardinelli / Alias : ReelViews
The dialogue crackles with wit, anger, and passion. By matching Sorkin's words with Boyle's style and Fassbender's talent, Steve Jobs has hit the trifecta.
Steven Rea Comment Steve JobsName : Steven Rea / Alias : Philadelphia Inquirer
The acting is unarguably, uniformly strong.
Mick LaSalle Comment Steve JobsName : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
Boyle films the proceedings on a slightly grainy stock that gives the movie just the hint of a documentary. There's propulsion and energy. He takes Sorkin's script and pumps it with amphetamines.
Christopher Orr Comment Steve JobsName : Christopher Orr / Alias : The Atlantic
A redemptive fable at once artful, elegant, and clean. But by stripping out any and all complications, the movie denies itself the opportunity for nuance and puts a ceiling on its own ambition.
Chris Nashawaty Comment Steve JobsName : Chris Nashawaty / Alias : Entertainment Weekly
As sharp and slick as Steve Jobs is, it ends up feeling more interested in entertainment than enlightenment.
A.O. Scott Comment Steve JobsName : A.O. Scott / Alias : New York Times
It is a formally audacious, intellectually energized entertainment, a powerful challenge to the lazy conventions of Hollywood storytelling and a feast for connoisseurs of contemporary screen acting.
Andrew O'Hehir Comment Steve JobsName : Andrew O'Hehir / Alias : Salon.com
This is simultaneously Sorkin's most satisfying movie script and Boyle's most graceful work as a director.
Peter Travers Comment Steve JobsName : Peter Travers / Alias : Rolling Stone
Written, directed and acted to perfection, and so fresh and startling in conception and execution that it leaves you awed. Fassbender rips through the role of the volcanic Jobs. Is he really that good? Hell, yeah.
Colin Covert Comment Steve JobsName : Colin Covert / Alias : Minneapolis Star Tribune
Like Jobs' own legendary "reality distortion field," his near-mystical ability to convince anyone of almost anything, the film lifts us past sheer realism to higher truth.
Bob Mondello Comment Steve JobsName : Bob Mondello / Alias : NPR
The film feels so electric while you're watching, it's hard to believe that after two hours, it doesn't even get to the iPod, let alone the iPhone.
Jake Coyle Comment Steve JobsName : Jake Coyle / Alias : Associated Press
The Full Sorkin Treatment has electrified a well-trod subject. But it also smothers it in artifice.
Anthony Lane Comment Steve JobsName : Anthony Lane / Alias : New Yorker
What Sorkin and Boyle have to offer is not a warts-and-all portrait but the suggestion that there is something heroic about a wart.
J. R. Jones Comment Steve JobsName : J. R. Jones / Alias : Chicago Reader
As the title character, Michael Fassbender gets the SOB part down just fine, but there's little evidence of the personal magnetism that enabled Jobs to bend so many people to his will.
Roger Ebert Comment Steve JobsName : Roger Ebert / Alias : Chicago Sun-Times
It's a tribute to the singular popularity of Steve Jobs that he's probably the only talking head people would pay to watch for more than an hour.
Ann Hornaday Comment Steve JobsName : Ann Hornaday / Alias : Washington Post
With such a tetchy, self-absorbed control freak at its center, it's difficult to explain just why "Steve Jobs" is as entertaining, even pleasurable, as it is.
Michael O'Sullivan Comment Steve JobsName : Michael O'Sullivan / Alias : Washington Post
The most fascinating aspect of listening to him talk comes not from what he says about what he did, but how he talks about it.
Kyle Smith Comment Steve JobsName : Kyle Smith / Alias : New York Post
It's a cliche to say that Apple changed the world, but how and why did that happen? "Steve Jobs" is robust and entertaining, but the answer it provides is incomplete.
Alex Pappademas Comment Steve JobsName : Alex Pappademas / Alias : Grantland
Fassbender looks enough like Jobs that it's not distracting, and he finds a voice for the character.
Tony Hicks Comment Steve JobsName : Tony Hicks / Alias : San Jose Mercury News
Is "Steve Jobs" the final say on Steve Jobs? That's hard to say. But like its subject, it should remain relevant for years to come.
Dana Stevens Comment Steve JobsName : Dana Stevens / Alias : Slate
It's all too neatly staged to make for dynamic cinema, even if the dialogue does crackle with a delicious nastiness.
Todd McCarthy Comment Steve JobsName : Todd McCarthy / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
Racing in high gear from start to finish, Danny Boyle's electric direction temperamentally complements Sorkin's highly theatrical three-act study, which might one day be fascinating to experience in a staged setting.
Sasha Stone Comment Steve JobsName : Sasha Stone / Alias : TheWrap
It's a high wire act that might leave some feeling left behind. Somehow, though, Boyle pulls it off not by backing off the speechifying but by leaning into it and allowing it to sing.
Cary Darling Comment Steve JobsName : Cary Darling / Alias : Fort Worth Star-Telegram/DFW.com
Still, Steve Jobs doesn't dig much beyond the surface of the man in the title. Anyone who wants a fuller story, free from the heavy hand of Sorkin, should seek out Alex Gibney's documentary from earlier this year, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.
Rene Rodriguez Comment Steve JobsName : Rene Rodriguez / Alias : Miami Herald
Sorkin's relentless chatter starts to weigh on you: Steve Jobs feels artificial and conceptualized when it should be building to a crescendo.
Ty Burr Comment Steve JobsName : Ty Burr / Alias : Boston Globe
It rings emotionally and dramatically false, too at variance with the actual outsized talents and flaws of this man as they've been obsessively catalogued elsewhere.
Peter Howell Comment Steve JobsName : Peter Howell / Alias : Toronto Star
It entertains and enlightens, and it's bang on in showing how great ideas are born not through compromise but through vision and determination.
Stephen Whitty Comment Steve JobsName : Stephen Whitty / Alias : Newark Star-Ledger
Can you be a nice guy, and a great man? Steve Jobs is the case in point, and "Steve Jobs" says no.
Joe Morgenstern Comment Steve JobsName : Joe Morgenstern / Alias : Wall Street Journal
In many ways the film reflects its hero's brilliance. It's a scintillating construction, though one that sometimes feels like a product launch in its own right.
Nick Schager Comment Steve JobsName : Nick Schager / Alias : Village Voice
This is a swift and searing attempt to pull back the curtain on Jobs and, in the process, investigate the relationship between the myth and the man.
Christy Lemire Comment Steve JobsName : Christy Lemire / Alias : RogerEbert.com
The energy is relentless and the actors all more than meet the challenge of not only keeping up with Sorkin's trademark, rat-a-tat patter but also making it sing.
Kenneth Turan Comment Steve JobsName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
A smart, hugely entertaining film that all but bristles with crackling creative energy.
Calvin Wilson Comment Steve JobsName : Calvin Wilson / Alias : St. Louis Post-Dispatch
As original and risk-taking as its subject, "Steve Jobs" will make you think differently about an American icon.
Rex Reed Comment Steve JobsName : Rex Reed / Alias : New York Observer
Steve Jobs and all of the characters around him fail to come to life in any absorbing fashion. They're not real people; they're all hashtags.
Robert Koehler Comment Steve JobsName : Robert Koehler / Alias : Variety
Ultimately the docu shows Jobs, as always, ahead of his time.
Jesse Hassenger Comment Steve JobsName : Jesse Hassenger / Alias : AV Club
The tension between Boyle's restless energy and Sorkin's tendency to run in place drives the movie.
Bill Goodykoontz Comment Steve JobsName : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
It's just a static shot, the same angle, one guy talking. But what a guy.
Isaac Guzman Comment Steve JobsName : Isaac Guzman / Alias : TIME Magazine
What's most difficult about Sorkin's intricate fantasy is not acknowledging Jobs' darkness, but setting aside all hope of seeing the real man who inspired it.
Jacob Silverman Comment Steve JobsName : Jacob Silverman / Alias : The New Republic
Capably shot, well acted (notwithstanding Kate Winslet's shape-shifting accent), its score propulsive, if a little too insistent, it's a finely crafted piece of work. But as a film, I found it nearly insufferable.
Barry Hertz Comment Steve JobsName : Barry Hertz / Alias : Globe and Mail
Thanks to Fassbender's revelatory performance, Jobs comes across as a captivating monster, a dictator in a black turtleneck who is impossible to ignore.
Peter Rainer Comment Steve JobsName : Peter Rainer / Alias : Christian Science Monitor
As scathingly played by Fassbender, Jobs looks almost as sleek and perfected as one of his computers.
Lou Lumenick Comment Steve JobsName : Lou Lumenick / Alias : New York Post
I came away with the feeling that the filmmakers were practically implying that his early death at 56 was some kind of karmic payback.
Brian Truitt Comment Steve JobsName : Brian Truitt / Alias : USA Today
Steve Jobs is a fascinating study of a man, explaining who he was but never making a judgment about who he is. The movie lets audiences compute that for themselves.
Soren Anderson Comment Steve JobsName : Soren Anderson / Alias : Seattle Times
What raises Steve Jobs way above the level of most biopics is the totality of Fassbender's immersion into the character.
Bruce Kirkland Comment Steve JobsName : Bruce Kirkland / Alias : Toronto Sun
Steve Jobs the man was complicated - and often infuriating to family, friends and colleagues at Apple Inc., the computer company he co-founded. Steve Jobs the film is also complicated - and consistently thrilling.
Justin Chang Comment Steve JobsName : Justin Chang / Alias : Variety
An enthralling performance by Michael Fassbender fuels this brilliant, infuriating and richly unconventional take on the life of an American visionary.
Bill Goodykoontz Comment Steve JobsName : Bill Goodykoontz / Alias : Arizona Republic
The acting is superb, no easy feat when trying to recite Sorkin's words while walking down seemingly endless hallways. Fassbender doesn't look a thing like Jobs and it doesn't matter a bit.
Alonso Duralde Comment Steve JobsName : Alonso Duralde / Alias : TheWrap
Feels like a series of beautifully and meticulously crafted tiles in a half-finished mosaic; you can admire the pieces but still come away feeling like you've been deprived of the whole.
David Ehrlich Comment Steve JobsName : David Ehrlich / Alias : Time Out
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who's written about America's Great Flawed Men with such fire and hyperarticulate pathos that he's threatened to become one himself, outdoes his work on The Social Network with an even sharper and more savage script.

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