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The Wolfpack Cinemark

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Locked away from society in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Angulo brothers learn about the outside world through the films that they watch. Nicknamed the Wolfpack, the brothers spend their childhood re-enacting their favorite films using elaborate homemade props and costumes. With no friends and living on welfare, they feed their curiosity, creativity, and imagination with film, which allows them to escape from their feelings of isolation and loneliness. Everything changes when one of the brothers escapes, and the power dynamics in the house are transformed. The Wolfpack must learn how to integrate into society without disbanding the brotherhood. Greetings again from the darkness - from the Dallas International Film Festival. In what is one of the oddest real life stories I have ever seen, director Crystal Moselle takes her camera inside the Lower East Side apartment of the Angulo family 6 brothers, one sister, and their parents. In their spare time, the kids re-enact movies within the apartment using elaborate costumes, sets and props. And no, that's not the odd part. Despite being mostly teenagers, these siblings have only left their apartment a few times in their life a very few times maybe once or twice a year, and not at all one year. They have been home schooled by their mother and are quite charming and articulate, despite the quasi-prison environment. The kids are not abused in the physical sense, but an argument can be made that mental anguish is in play here. Their movie scenes are fun to watch, especially given their Tarantino leanings with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Ms. Moselle manages to capture a significant amount within the confines of the apartment. Her interviews with the boys are enlightening, but it's the mother that provides the most context. Her regrets and dashed dreams for her kids cause her much pain, and it's quite clear that the dad has some type of psychological vice grip on the family. The dad raises some eyebrows when he states "My power is influencing people". As viewers, we don't see this, but there is physical proof to his claim. With no shortage of powerful moments, there are still two that jump off the screen. The first occurs as the boys head out on their own to watch their first movie in a real theatre, and then have such a fan boy moment after watching The Fighter. The second involves the mom having a conversation with her mother after not speaking for more than two decades. It's an emotional moment. We can't help but like the boys and pull for them to find some normalcy outside the walls of the apartment. Their final film project needs no additional commentary as the lead character watches various emotions travel past his window. fitting since a NYC apartment window provided this family its only glances at the real world for so many years

About The Wolfpack

Artist : Bhagavan Angulo, Govinda Angulo, Jagadisa Angulo, Krsna Angulo, Mukunda Angulo, Narayana Angulo
As : none
Title : The Wolfpack Cinemark
Release date : 2015-06-12
Movie Code : 2415458
Duration : 80
Category : Documentary, Biography, Drama

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David Edelstein Comment The WolfpackName : David Edelstein / Alias : New York Magazine/Vulture
The Wolfpack is a reminder that much of the "crap" we decry has the potential to liberate, offering a bridge off the island of terror we call the nuclear family.
Peter Travers Comment The WolfpackName : Peter Travers / Alias : Rolling Stone
What if all you knew of the world came from Hollywood movies? That's a loaded question - and Crystal Moselle's gripping doc runs with it. You won't be able to pull your eyes off the screen.
Moira MacDonald Comment The WolfpackName : Moira MacDonald / Alias : Seattle Times
A strange and fascinating experience; you feel like you've been given entry into a mysterious world, where no one else is permitted.
Peter Howell Comment The WolfpackName : Peter Howell / Alias : Toronto Star
[It] has to be seen to be believed.
Simon Houpt Comment The WolfpackName : Simon Houpt / Alias : Globe and Mail
If the film is patchy, it shows promise. Thankfully, so do the boys themselves.
Manohla Dargis Comment The WolfpackName : Manohla Dargis / Alias : New York Times
Sometimes, all you need is a great subject to make a great documentary - or a willingness to chase after total strangers.
Katharine Pushkar Comment The WolfpackName : Katharine Pushkar / Alias : New York Daily News
There is a train-wreck quality to this film. The story is so astounding, you can't look away.
Mick LaSalle Comment The WolfpackName : Mick LaSalle / Alias : San Francisco Chronicle
We are presented with something peculiar, that's noteworthy mainly for it's just being weird. Frankly, it's not weird enough to completely engage viewers for more than 90 minutes.
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky Comment The WolfpackName : Ignatiy Vishnevetsky / Alias : AV Club
What starts as a nonfiction mood piece grows frustratingly opaque as the brothers begin to venture out into the real world, meet girls, and get jobs.
Ella Taylor Comment The WolfpackName : Ella Taylor / Alias : NPR
Moselle is also a patient observer who, without judgment or superfluous underlining, gradually teases out the pathos and the riveting dramas - some dark and disturbing, some bizarrely entertaining and heartening - of the parents.
Joshua Rothkopf Comment The WolfpackName : Joshua Rothkopf / Alias : Time Out
Filmmaker Crystal Moselle has seized onto terrifically compelling material, and while she hangs back with admirable distance, Grey Gardens-like, you wonder how she earned the Angulos' trust.
Kenneth Turan Comment The WolfpackName : Kenneth Turan / Alias : Los Angeles Times
Even in the context of Tolstoy's famous dictum that every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, the story of the Angulo brothers stands out.
John DeFore Comment The WolfpackName : John DeFore / Alias : Hollywood Reporter
Scratching the surface of a story one suspects is a good deal thornier than what's explicitly shown here, Crystal Moselle's The Wolfpack introduces a gang of siblings who have been raised in near-complete isolation in downtown Manhattan.
Wesley Morris Comment The WolfpackName : Wesley Morris / Alias : Grantland
What a sad, strange, intoxicating movie.
Michael O'Sullivan Comment The WolfpackName : Michael O'Sullivan / Alias : Washington Post
More than a testament to the power of cinematic storytelling as food for the human spirit, "The Wolfpack" also is a portrait of a family that has had to rely on each other to survive.
Scott Foundas Comment The WolfpackName : Scott Foundas / Alias : Variety
There is much to enjoy in director Crystal Moselle's debut documentary feature, which if nothing else begs a where-are-they-now sequel a few years down the road.
Anthony Lane Comment The WolfpackName : Anthony Lane / Alias : New Yorker
Their virtual imprisonment has shaped but not ruined them, and we slowly see them venture into the wilds of regular existence.
Amy Nicholson Comment The WolfpackName : Amy Nicholson / Alias : L.A. Weekly
A Manhattan fable about fear
Peter Rainer Comment The WolfpackName : Peter Rainer / Alias : Christian Science Monitor
Undeniably fascinating.

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